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Colorado Springs World Affairs Council

Our Mission

We are a nonpartisan forum for education and engagement on world affairs.

Our Vision

Understanding the world happens here.

Our Purpose

To help prepare this and the next generation to be informed citizens of a global power and effective participants in a global marketplace. Guiding Principle: An informed and engaged citizenry must be the foundation for shaping policy in a free society. This is especially true in the domain of foreign policy, where global issues are increasingly complex and international relationships are increasingly interdependent.

Who We Are

Founded in 1979, the Colorado Springs World Affairs Council is a non-partisan, not-for-profit, educational organization. The Council is a member of the World Affairs Councils of America, a national network of over 90 autonomous councils across the United States, and Global Ties US, a non-partisan organization established to promote excellence in citizen diplomacy. To learn more about the Colorado Springs World Affairs Council and its activities, please call: 719-579-8443 or contact us.





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